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Well I'm back and everything. I'm back in school. This past summer I participated in another musical Fiddler on the Roof and my birthday is in 5 days


OMG I loved the ending of raw last night


Now it's rumored they released RVD

Sabu and other Wrestling News

WTF? No more Sabu? I can't believe it. I mean Sabu is ECW and now he's gone who next Tommy Dreamer. So he's late and doesn't have his gear? Sabu helped put ECW on the map and now Vince just up and gets rid of one of the main reasons ECW existed. I love Sabu and will always respect him and what he's done in the business. On to the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge, is the new champ. boooooooo! It should be either Batista or Randy in my opinion. Edge has been the WWE Champion 2 times and Randy and Batista have worked their asses off. I think that if they made Randy champion he'd get his head back on track. Here's my Judgement Day Picks

WWE Championship
John Cena VS The Great Khali

My choice is John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Batista VS Edge

My choice is Batista

Ric Flair VS Carlito

My choice Ric Flair

CM Punk VS Elijah Burke

My choice CM Punk

Shawn Michaels VS Randy Orton

My Choice I can't pick


Hey! I know it's been awhile. I've been busy trying to finish up this semester of school. I'm happy to say I'm done till the fall. Anyway Backlash was hot. The Hardyz retaining the title and Undertaker and Batista and John winning the match. It was awesome. My bf (Jason) and I went to see Spiderman 3 last night OMG there are some hardcore fans out there I saw grown men with Spiderman coustumes on. Weird. Can't wait for raw monday.

Broken Heart

I drift away into a place, another kind of life
Take away the pain, I create my paradise
Everything I held has hit the wall,
What used to be yours isn't yours at all

Falling apart and all that I'm asking
Is it a crime, am I overreacting
Oh, he's under my skin
Just give me something to get rid of him
I've got a reason not to bury this alive
Another little white lie

So what you had didn't fit among the pretty things
Never fear, never fear I now know where you've been
Braids have been untied as ribbons fall away
Leave the consequence, my tears you'll taste

Falling apart and all that I question
Is it a dream or is this my lession
Oh, he's under my skin
Just give me something to get rid of him
I've got a reason not to bury this alive
Another little white lie

I dont believe I'll be alright
I dont believe I'll be okay
I dont believe how you've thrown me away

I do believe you didn't try
I do blame you for every lie
When I look in your eyes
I dont see mine

Oh, he's under my skin
Just give me something to get rid of him
I've got a reason not to bury this alive
Another little white lie

Oh, my permision to sin
You might have started my reckoning
I've got a reason not to bury him alive

Another little white lie

He took my heart and kept it for 3 years and now he just broke it in half by cheating. Thanks alot Nick. uhhhh never again. Jason was right about you I should've never given you another chance.


Hi guys! This whole Randy Orton being kicked off the tour is bugging me. I believe he did something wrong but I don't think that's a reason to not let him wrestle at Backlas. I mean he wasn't aloud to wrestle the tour isn't that enough. Oh well it's just my opinion.

Randy Orton

So Randy was sent home from the tour? That doesn't seem like him. He loves wrestling. He suposablly didn't feel like wrestling a house show because he was ill. If you don't feel well you don't and he must've felt really bad not to be able to wrestle.

My nephew the champ

Like I posted earlier here are some pics of my nephew the triple crown winner easter weekend. I'm so proud of my little man.


Today is such a blah rainy day. Anyway can't wait for Raw Monday night. I might be going to Ohio this weekend to take some photos of my nephew wrestling.