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4 Way Championship Match!!!!!!! That was the most brilliant idea that McMahon has had all year. Woooooo Randy Orton VS HBK Shawn Michaels VS Edge VS John Cena for the WWE Championship. But uh-oh big problem for me. I love Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Uhhhhhh this is just like Wrestlemania who do I want to win? Not Edge that's for sure. Anyway that little Make A Wish Kid was so adorable and my heart goes out to him. I thought it was a very honorable thing for the WWE to do. I love the Make A Wish Foundation. I hope everything turns out good for him and wish him all the best. Props to the WWE for doing that.

In Wildwood

Here I am in a cold windy Wildwood NJ for my nephews wrestling tournament


Well I'm off for the weekend till Sunday but I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter


Okay first let me start out by saying that my all time favorite wrestler in the WWE is HBK Shawn Michaels always has been and always will be. With that said I also love John Cena. So Wrestlemania was so hard for me because they fought against each other and I didn't know who to route for. I was shocked at what HBK did last night and also proud of Cena for not backing down so to all those people out there (they know who they are) stop saying I'm a front runner because I'm not. I love Shawn Michaels and respect him but also love John Cena and respect him. Enough of that, congrads to Matt and Jeff Hardy on winning their 6 World Tag Team Championship. I couldn't think of anyone better to win then them.


OMG Wrestlemania was awesome. I'm kinda dissapointed that Batista isn't still champ and that HBK didn't win but OMG Jeff Hardy doing the leg drop off the top ladder was so awesome besides the John Cena HBK match he stole the show. He sacrificed his body and his chance at the Money in the Bank breifcase just for that moment.

Hall of Fame

Last night was the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame and I enjoyed it. I loved when Dusty Rhodes came up telling stories of the past.

My Wrestlemania Weekend

I can't wait for tonight to watch the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Tomorrow is Wrestlemania 23. 


Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Edge VS Randy Orton VS Finley VS Mr. Kennedy VS Matt Hardy VS CM Punk VS Jeff Hardy VS King Booker

Winner: As much as I'd like to see CM Punk or Randy Orton win I think it's gonna be one of the Hardys

WWE Women's Championship
LumberJill Match
Melina (c) VS Ashley Massaro

Winner: Ashley Massaro

More predictions later

First Post

Wow this is my first post. I decided to try live journal so I had a place to put down my thoughts and wishes and feelings. Anyway, if you're a fan of John Cena, HBK, Batista or the WWE in general you must check this link for the video out.