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Sabu and other Wrestling News

WTF? No more Sabu? I can't believe it. I mean Sabu is ECW and now he's gone who next Tommy Dreamer. So he's late and doesn't have his gear? Sabu helped put ECW on the map and now Vince just up and gets rid of one of the main reasons ECW existed. I love Sabu and will always respect him and what he's done in the business. On to the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge, is the new champ. boooooooo! It should be either Batista or Randy in my opinion. Edge has been the WWE Champion 2 times and Randy and Batista have worked their asses off. I think that if they made Randy champion he'd get his head back on track. Here's my Judgement Day Picks

WWE Championship
John Cena VS The Great Khali

My choice is John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Batista VS Edge

My choice is Batista

Ric Flair VS Carlito

My choice Ric Flair

CM Punk VS Elijah Burke

My choice CM Punk

Shawn Michaels VS Randy Orton

My Choice I can't pick


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May. 16th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
Totally agree with your picks. And I really really hope Batista get's the belt. Hopefully *crosses fingers*
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